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1.23.2017 Happy New Year and so long to the NFL season.  Super Bowl LI is Sunday Feb 5th, Falcons vs. Patriots.  We generally start filling up around 3pm so please arrive early to get seats.  

Aside from the Cowboys, the NFL was full of fizzles this year.  Rams back to LA? Ouch. Follow-thru by Cam and the Panthers from previous breakout season?  Or how about the Broncos, Cards and Redskins?  Not so much.  Bradford resurgent with Vikings?  Well... almost.  Luck and Colts back to top of AFC?  Negative.  Kelly in SF?   OK let's just stop.

The Raiders were a big deal until they lost Carr AND his back-up.  Aaron Rodgers' hot streak that brought the Pack all the way to the NFC championship game was epic, but in the end GB had nothing left in the tank and the result was a blowout loss to the hot Falcons.  Notwithstanding his miracle sideline throw against Dallas, it was really a series of terrible calls that doomed the Cowboys and kept us from seeing a competitive game yesterday, which may have landed the Boys in the Super Bowl versus the Patriots.  How huge would THAT have been?

Meanwhile, the Texans without JJ Watt, the Broncos without Peyton Manning, even the lowly Browns without Johnny Disaster, made for a much less intersting season in 2016.  Large market teams like the Bears, Jets and 49ers were unwatchable.  Brees and the Saints are mired in perpetual mediocrity as are about half the teams in the league.  The number of noncompetitive games this year was off the charts, especially in the playoffs.  Thursday games were basically forgettable.  The old stalwarts - the Patriots, Steelers and Seahawks - did their usual thing, but not in the most exciting way.

The League needs an infusion of interest and energy, and less stories about dissing the American flag and female battery.  The Cowboys prevented what would have been a ratings disaster this year. Let's hope at least that Super Bowl LI delivers the goods.  Can't wait to watch - hope to see you here.



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